Building FACE-IT and SAY-IT Academies

The purpose of the FACE-IT! Academy is to develop and support a designated team of concerned and influential members of the community to improve community efforts to address the problem of adult substance abuse by improving their knowledge and understanding of science-based perspectives and best practices related to the treatment of those with substance use disorders. 

The purpose of the SAY IT! Academy is to organize, develop and support a community based team of youth-involved professionals to identify, intervene and assist children, adolescents and families at risk of or affected by substance abuse. ┬áMembers of these teams may include persons working in mental health organizations, healthcare systems, faith communities, law enforcement, judicial systems, social service agencies, public centers, educational institutions and others in the community who routinely encounter persons with substance use disorders.

FACE-IT Academy details

SAY-IT Academy details

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In affiliation with Duke University Medical Center

Part of the NC AHEC Program